Government Grants

While many businesses baulk at the seemingly impossible paperwork and bureaucratic requirements of applying for small business government grants, sick they may be doing themselves out of significant funds. The positive, pharm proactive approach to government grants is to view them as another income stream. Employ the best person in the business with the task of structuring an ongoing government grant application process. It is fair to say that once a single grant application has been made the process becomes familiar and thus less daunting.

That means setting up a schedule for finding and applying for funds using a basic formula derived from the first application. Once in place funding applications just become part of the regular project development routine. This has to be an ongoing process because existing grants are changing all the time and new ones come on stream regularly. Application criteria are also changeable so that too has to be monitored and basic application data regularly updated.

There is a lot of money available to small/medium sized businesses (SMEs) that companies should be taking advantage. For businesses seeking to accelerate growth, site grow markets or market share and/or undertake research and development there are many, many funding options available through the government. In addition to dollars the government also offers expertise in a number of areas and once again, these free consultancy services are a win/win option for the growing business or entrepreneur.

To follow is a list of some of the most lucrative and accessible grants available to business.