Project Managers and Team Sports

sildenafil Geneva, sans-serif; line-height: 16px; border-collapse: collapse; -webkit-border-horizontal-spacing: 2px; -webkit-border-vertical-spacing: 2px;">Analogies related to sports are a common practice, so why shouldn’t project managers get into the act; after all, projects usually involve people trying to function as a team, with the "team members" playing their position to the best of their ability to get the project completed, on time and within budget.

Gary Hamilton, Gareth Bryant and Jeff Hodgkinson have written an article for CIO – Project Managers can learn a thing or two from team sports – which is worth a read.

They identify 8 areas that are surprisingly relevant to project Managers, as follows:

1. Individual talent does not guarantee a successful team or outcome
2. Negative influences do exist
3. Set people up for success by thinking as a team
4. Create and execute the game plan
5. Know how to execute the play
6. Motivation and leadership are crucial
7. Common goals
8. Lessons learned

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